Gazzang Quick Start Guides

We have built the Gazzang zNcrypt™ platform to be very flexible. By writing your own process-based Access Control List (ACL) rules, you can encrypt or decrypt ANY Linux database, application or service. These rules are much like firewall rules where ALLOW and DENY permissions are granted to individual programmatic processes on specific servers and/or images. This flexibility gives transparent data encryption services to just about anything that you need to protect on the file system - even scripts, executable java code and log files.

To assist our customers, Gazzang has developed a series of Quick Start Guides. These guides are templates, instructions and examples on how to leverage the flexibility of Gazzang for your specific solutions, applications or services. The guides provide our customers with the knowledge needed to tailor the configuration without training.

Customers in good standing and prospects that are working directly with our sales team have access to our Quick Start directory for no charge. In the future, we will be encouraging our customers to contribute their own examples and "Quick Starts" to share. This way, the Gazzang community will facilitate the easy implementation of encryption for just about anything out there in the Linux market.

Gazzang Quick Starts available today include:

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