Enterprise Data Security for SaaS Providers

Data security is often cited as one of the top concerns among organizations that offer and support Software-as-a-Service-applications. The breach of SaaS customer data – which may include emails, financial details and other personally identifiable information (PII) – can result in real time monetary damage and the loss of customer trust.

SaaS providers can't afford to take that risk, and that's why a number of companies are turning to Gazzang for help. Gazzang zNcrypt™ delivers industry-standard data encryption and advanced key management solutions that are comprehensive yet easy to deploy and manage. Because zNcrypt protects any type of application or file stored on Linux transparently, our solution doesn't impact the availability, performance or functionality of your SaaS application and works with traditional relational databases as well as big data platforms such as Hadoop, MongoDB and Cassandra. Many SaaS providers currently turn to Gazzang for securing their infrastructure and providing piece of mind to their customer base.

Gazzang zNcrypt helps ensure SaaS priorities for data security and compliance are being met while keeping costs down. SaaS providers look to us for:

  • Data security that meets regulatory requirements for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, EU Data privacy and more
  • Protection against unauthorized access or malicious attack
  • An enhanced customer offering, extending Gazzang’s encryption and key management solutions to customer applications
  • A low-cost, high performance data security solution that enables them to run a profitable business and pass the savings along to customers