Comply with Data Protection Mandates

Regulatory mandates governing sensitive data often require organizations to protect, control access to, and monitor the use and distribution of that information. Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet to solve all your compliance needs, but safeguarding data through encryption, secure key management and tight access control policies is an effective measure.

    Comply with:
       PCI DSS
       EU Data Protection Directive

Gazzang zNcrypt™ leverages the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-256 algorithm, process-based access control lists and advanced key management that help you achieve regulatory compliance and protect critical data from unauthorized access, theft and manipulation.

Bring centralized management and control to all your cryptographic keys, certificates, tokens and other opaque objects with Gazzang zTrustee™. This single, secure, policy-driven "vault" captures and thoroughly logs all of the actions associated with deposits, requests and gets as well as key and object creation, distribution, expiration and revocation. This complete account of your zTrustee data simplifies the auditing process and helps ensure your company meets most data protection regulations.