Data Security for Apache Cassandra

Gazzang helps organizations protect sensitive information in Apache Cassandra™ by transparently encrypting data in real time and providing advanced key management that ensures only authorized processes can access the data. Our unique software only/no appliance architecture can secure ANY Linux application or database without making any changes to your environment or impeding performance. We also ensure that your cryptographic keys remain safe and in full compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FERPA and other data security regulations.

Features of zNcrypt for Apache Cassandra include:

  • Advanced Key Management - Stores keys separate from the encrypted data to ensure a data breach does not also result in the loss of the cryptographic key.

  • Transparent Data Encryption - Protects data at rest resulting in minimal performance impact. Requires no complex changes to databases, files, applications or storage.

  • Process Based Access Controls - Restricts access to specific processes rather than by OS user.

  • Encrypt and Decrypt Unstructured Data - Secures personally identifiable information, intellectual property, log files and any other sensitive data that could be considered damaging if exposed outside the business.

  • Automation Tools - Rapid distributed deployment from ten to thousands of nodes.