Big Data Security. Cloud Data Security.

Are you confident in the security of your cloud environment? If compromised, could the exposed data be used against you or your customers?

Don’t take that risk. Gazzang zNcrypt™, a block level encryption solution, can help you ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your business information, sensitive customer data and intellectual property.

zNcrypt transparently encrypts and secures data at rest without requiring changes to your applications and ensures there is minimal performance lag in the encryption or decryption process. Advanced key management and process-based access controls enable organizations to meet compliance regulations and ensure unauthorized parties or malicious actors never gain access to the encrypted data.


Transparent data encryption

zNcrypt Block Level Encryption

  • High-performance encryption that protects all databases, applications, or files running on Linux
  • Encryption supports the Intel AES-NI cryptographic accelerator for enhanced performance in the encryption and decryption process
  • Helps enable compliance with HIPAA-HITECH, PCI-DSS, FISMA, EU Data Protection Directive and other data security regulations

Advanced key management with Gazzang zTrustee™

  • Stores keys separate from the encrypted data to ensure a data breach does not also result in the loss of the cryptographic key
  • Enforces a broad range of policies for object authorization, expiration, revocation, retrieval limits and more

Process-based access controls

  • Restricts access to specific, authorized processes
  • Limits data availability to only those who need it
  • Hierarchical process controls provide maximum flexibility and control

Simple installation and configuration

  • Simple .deb and .rpm installation
  • Available through automation tools including Chef and Puppet
  • Requires no changes to databases, files, applications or storage

Support for multiple encrypted mount points with individual keys

  • Provides better data segregation and multi-tenant storage by allowing different user groups to define their own key policies
  • Enables organizations to easily add encrypted storage volumes without downtime

Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS)

  • Supports virtually any Linux kernel version, ensuring maximum uptime for customers during a security patch or kernel modification
  • Delivered via RPM and Debian packages


  • Helps meet certain regulations for the protection of confidential data