Quick, Secure Storage and Retrieval of Encrypted Ubuntu Home Directory Keys

Gazzang zEscrow™ is a free service that enables Ubuntu desktop users to back up and recover randomly generated security keys that protect Ubuntu encrypted home directories.

Gazzang zEscrow can be easily activated from a user’s Ubuntu desktop. An Ubuntu home directory user simply installs and runs the command ‘zescrow’ and follows three simple prompts. A backup of the user’s eCryptfs configuration is encrypted and uploaded to the zEscrow server. To complete the backup, the user follows a URL link returned by the utility and associates a Google account with the backup.

To recover the data later, the user simply goes to https://zescrow.gazzang.com, authenticates through Google OpenID, chooses a deposit to retrieve from a list, and then runs the ‘ecryptfs-recover-private’ utility.

Visit zescrow.gazzang.com for more information.