Data Security in the Cloud, For the Cloud

Rest easier at night knowing the data in your cloud environment is secure

At Gazzang, our solutions are designed to keep customer data available, actionable and secure from unauthorized access or malicious attack – so putting data in the cloud isn’t putting your business at risk.

Gazzang zNcrypt

Big Data Security. Cloud Data Security.

Are you confident in the security of your cloud environment? If compromised, could the exposed data be used against you or your customers?

Gazzang zTrustee

One Vault For All Your Important Information Objects

The security of your business and cloud IT data depends on the safety of your cryptographic keys, SSL certificates, database tokens and other opaque objects. We can help you protect these critical IT secrets from unauthorized access and meet strict data security regulations.

Gazzang zEscrow

Quick, Secure Storage and Retrieval of Encrypted Ubuntu Home Directory Keys

Gazzang zEscrow™ is a free service that enables Ubuntu desktop users to back up and recover randomly generated security keys that protect Ubuntu encrypted home directories.

AWS Cloud Products

Gazzang CloudEncrypt™

Welcome to the elastic encrypted AWS public cloud, courtesy of Gazzang CloudEncypt™.

Gazzang CloudEncrypt is a portfolio of products designed for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help organizations realize the enormous benefits of the public cloud and maintain a secure, compliant, production-ready environment. Users get pre-packaged security, no matter where their sensitive data moves in the Amazon cloud.

Available for Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon EMR, and StarCluster.

Move your sensitive workloads to the cloud, with a solution that secures your data while providing the scalability and availability your organization needs.

Rackspace Cloud Products

Data Security for Public, Private & Hybrid Clouds

When performance, flexibility and support mean everything, organizations turn to Rackspace. When Rackspace customers need enterprise-strength security for their cloud data, they turn to Gazzang.

Gazzang brings high-performance transparent data encryption (TDE) and key management to Rackspace cloud environments, public, private and hybrid. We can help secure the data at rest and exceed strict compliance regulations including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FIPS and more.

Encrypt Cloudera 5

Data Security for Cloudera 5

The Enterprise Data Hub helps you store, process and analyze data in full fidelity, all from a single, centralized platform. Gazzang can help you secure that data.


Got An Existing HSM-Based Compliance Regime? Gazzang’s Got Your Back.

Data Encryption and Key Management for OpenStack

Data Encryption and Key Management for OpenStack

Get compliance and data security on OpenStack, enabled by Gazzang. Some of the world’s largest enterprises are turning to the OpenStack cloud to power their business. Now these organizations can protect their data with Gazzang’s enterprise-strength encryption and key management.