About Gazzang

Who We Are
Gazzang provides data security solutions and expertise to help enterprises protect sensitive information and maintain performance in big data and cloud environments. Our technology enables SaaS vendors, health care organizations, financial institutions, public sector agencies and more to meet regulatory compliance initiatives, secure personally identifiable information and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and systems. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas and backed by Austin Ventures and Silver Creek Ventures.


What We Do
Gazzang’s mission is to develop products that keep data secure, available and actionable in the cloud. Our solutions deliver encryption, key management and access controls for big data environments and any other application or database that runs on Linux. 


Why We Do It
The large-scale adoption of platforms such as Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and PHP/Perl, coupled with the growing use of cloud computing, is changing the cost structure of enterprise computing. Moving to the cloud can pose serious challenges for organizations that require their data to be secure and available at all times. Gazzang provides enterprise-class solutions that meet these challenges.