Tuesday, 29 October 2013 07:49

Hadoop World Day One

If there were any lingering questions about Hadoop’s dominance as a big data platform, I think the first night of Hadoop World put those to rest. 

The annual Strata event kicked off yesterday with a packed Happy Hour on the Expo floor, where thousands were packed like sardines to see the latest and greatest from the likes of Cloudera, Pivotal, MapR and scores of other big data vendors.   

The Gazzang team is out force this year. We’re pumped about all the great sessions as well as the conversations with customers, prospects and partners about big data security. Not that you need an excuse to swing by our booth, but here are a few things we’ll most certainly be discussing.

Security for big data

Want to do Hadoop right? You’ll need data security. Throughout the day, we’ll be sharing demos of Gazzang encryption and key management running on the big data platform. We’ll show how easy it is to deploy, configure and use and talk about why performance is second to none.

Gazzang is now available on Rackspace Big Data Solutions 

You may have seen the news yesterday that Rackspace announced Rackspace Managed Big Data Platform, but did you know Gazzang is one of the first companies out of the gate to provide security for it? Gazzang zNcrypt and zTrustee can provide Rackspace customers with high-performance data security that runs beneath their Apache Hadoop applications.

Gazzang is securing Intel keys

Gazzang zTrustee, now the most popular key manager available for Hadoop, can manage security keys from a variety of applications. At Hadoop World, we’ll talk about how you can use it to store and manage keys from the latest version of the Intel Distribution of Apache Hadoop

Of course, if all else fails, come see us for the best trade show swag on the floor. Any guesses?

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Thursday, 24 October 2013 16:51

My Hadoop World Cup Runeth Over

One of my favorite days of the year is when the Austin City Limits Music Festival releases its lineup grid. It’s fun to browse the list of amazing bands and start plotting out who I’m going to see and when.

There’s also a certain amount of hand wringing during this process, as I’m forced to choose between interesting musical acts playing at the same time on a different stage on the other side of the park.

Fortunately, I usually only have to face agonizing decisions like whether to see “Passion Pit” or “Wilco” once a year.

Then the Strata Conference released its 2013 Hadoop World lineup, making me once again bang my head against the wall as I try to figure out where I’m going to be next Tuesday at 11:00am.  

Hadoop World has always had great sessions, but conference organizers really outdid themselves this year. Narrowing down my list to something manageable, while still leaving time to roam the show floor and visit our amazing booth, was a challenging task. Below are a few sessions I look forward to checking out next week. I'm sure this will change ten times between now and Monday.


9:10am Tuesday Separating Hadoop Myths from Reality Jack Norris (MapR Technologies)

According to Gartner, Hadoop is near the top of the Hype Cycle. While some customers have questions about the enterprise capabilities of Hadoop, the answers are clear as production deployments continue to expand. This session will use successful customer experiences to highlight the power of Hadoop and separate the myths from reality.

My Take: What can I say? I’m a sucker for myth debunking. MapR Technologies also has some very interesting customers, using Hadoop in unique ways. I’m looking forward to hearing some of those stories.


11:00am Tuesday Scalable, Flexible Data Privacy in the Cloud Ahmed Radwan (Google's Motorola Mobility)

Multi-tenancy in the cloud poses concerns about accidental or deliberate exposure of sensitive data. Using anonymization, confidential data is obscured in a way that maintains privacy while preserving the ability of useful processing. There is a gap in the existing big data ecosystem for a scalable anonymization solution. We'll share the challenges and lessons learned in building such solution. 

My Take: It’s nearly impossible to have a discussion about cloud without talking about data privacy I’m interested to hear how Google is approaching this issue.


11:00am Tuesday Defining your Big Data Arsenal: NoSQL, Hadoop, and RDBMS Matt Asay (MongoDB, Inc.)

For some, Hadoop is synonymous with "Big Data." But Hadoop is just one component of a successful Big Data architecture. NoSQL solutions like MongoDB also play a dominant role for storage and real-time data processing, and RDBMS has a place, too. This session will drill down on the different types of NoSQL databases and how they fill out Hadoop and RDBMS in a modern Big Data architecture. 

My Take: It's always great to hear from Matt Asay, who can rise above the speeds and feeds conversation to help you see the business value of big data. Plus, it’s hard to resist a session where the speaker nets out the differences between NoSQL databases.


11:00am Tuesday Data Governance with the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop version 3.0 Ritu Kama (Intel), Vin Sharma (Intel)

Hadoop is a powerful and extensible platform for big data storage and processing needs. Join Ritu Kama and Vin Sharma, Hadoop product leads at Intel, to learn how the latest release of the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop brings together a number of security mechanisms - from role-based access control to fine-grained data auditing - to help enterprises ensure governance of their data lake. 

My Take: See what I mean? Tuesday at 11:00am is a mess.  I’m looking forward to hearing from Ritu and Vin about new security controls in IDH. Check out the Gazzang booth (#27) at Hadoop World to learn how our key management solution is enabling some of the advanced features in the latest version of Intel’s Hadoop Distribution.


2:35pm Tuesday Lessons Learned From A Decade’s Worth of Big Data At The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) Adam Fuchs (Sqrrl)

The National Security Agency works with some of the world’s largest, most complex, and most sensitive datasets. In order to analyze this data, NSA has developed some powerful tools, such as Apache Accumulo. Come learn about NSA’s key lessons learned about building a Big Data platform from the former Technical Director of the Accumulo project at the NSA. 

My Take: You had me at “Lessons Learned.” 


4:15pm Tuesday Securing the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem Aaron Myers (Cloudera, Inc.), Shreepadma Venugopalan (Cloudera)

When Hadoop is used for sensitive data, security requirements arise that require strong authentication, authorization of data/resources, and data confidentiality. This session covers how various parts of the Hadoop ecosystem can interact in a secure way to address these requirements. We will focus on the advanced Apache Hive authorization features enabled by the Apache Sentry (incubating) project.

My Take: At Gazzang, we talk about securing sensitive data in environments like Hadoop all the time. Often the conversation begins with data-at-rest encryption and key management, and then veers into territories like authentication and access controls. Cloudera is one of our longest standing partnerships. I’m looking forward to hearing how they address they many layers that make up Hadoop security. Of course we'll be talking lots about data encryption and key management on Cloudera at booth 27.


1:45pm Wednesday How Nordstrom Utilizes Human Intelligence to Blend Brick-and-Mortar with Online Commerce Erin Shellman (Nordstrom), David Von Lehman (Nordstrom)

Nordstrom started modestly in 1901 as a small shoe store in Seattle, and has since expanded to 117 full-line department stores and 138 Rack stores across the country. The art of retailing has changed dramatically over the last century and retailers today are concerned with understanding customer behavior and preferences both in the physical world and online. 

My Take: Who doesn’t love hearing a story about how a 112-year-old brick and mortar company has morphed into the ultimate data science experiment?

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