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Free advice from a “been there/done that” big data pro

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Last week’s “Ask the Architect” presentation by Chief Architect Robert Stewart of Castlight Health delivered the goods on big data. The recorded session is now available if you missed it.

Here’s a sample of what we learned about Castlight’s big data application, which helps consumers spend healthcare dollars wisely:

  • Robert’s team uses a mix of NoSQL and relational data stores including MongoDB & Greenplum in addition to MySQL
  • Ruby on Rails, R, Python, Java, & Javascript perform the heavy lifting of Castlight’s application
  • Data sources include >4 Million covered individuals, >1 Million medical provider reviews, >2 Billion medical claims, and >1 Billion price estimates for conditions & treatments
  • There are several places - like the slow query log, for instance - where Personally Identifiable Information (PII) & Protected Health Information (PHI) could easily leak out in plain text...unless you take precautions like Robert’s team has

Watch the recording to find out which technologies they use for what, where they saw big performance improvements, plus what’s gone wrong vs. what’s gone right in production.

92% of those who answered our live poll during the webinar said that Big Data would give their organizations a competitive advantage. Do you agree? If so, check out the recording so you can head faster in the right direction. Considering that 100% of post-session survey respondents would recommend the session to a colleague, you just might learn something that will make your team sit up and take notice.

Jennifer Darrouzet

Jennifer Darrouzet transitioned from high-volume manufacturing with Motorola & Dell to processing >$2B via SaaS applications before joining Gazzang in 2013. As Director of Product Marketing at Gazzang, she helps enterprises protect what matters most in the information age.